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United Nations Models

Simulations of the activities of different committees of the United Nations (UN), to mirror the structure, protocol, and actual functions of the UN, where kids debate international political topics and represent the actual positions of the countries they represent.

Argentine Legislature Models

Simulations of the national congress where every participant performs a role of the national legislature, having to consider their political party and the province that they represent. They must also debate and negotiate laws regarding various themes of the national news.

Deliberative Councils and Provincial Legislature Models

We work together with districts and governments of provinces to develop educational programs and provincial government agencies that further civil education programs through simulations of local government legislatures and provinces.

Education for Sustainable Citizenship

A co-organized project with Asociación Civil Amartya that combines sustainability with participation of citizens in middle schools through a multidisciplinary approach.

Informed Youth, Real Elections

Program for young people in their first voting experience, in which we reflect on the critic reading of news and on how to identify fake information that exists on the internet. This project is co-organized with Democarcia en Red and Sumando Argentina.


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