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Add your voice to road safety.

The primary objective of this program is to teach road safety to young people in a participative and creative way, allowing them to create content and messages that awaken a greater awareness of the problems regarding road safety.

Meeting for Innovation in Road Education

A space for exhibitions, work tables, games and participatory activities, since we believe that the best way to innovate in this area is to exchange practices and experiences in a fun and dynamic way among international experts, national organizations and young people.

Mobile Virtual Reality Simulator

Is an initiative that we created with organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Romania funded by the Erasmus+ of the European Union. This initiative seeks to take advantage of the potential of new virtual reality technologies to reduce the high percentage of young people involved in road accidents.

Campaigns on Public Roads

We rethink the messages of road education, in an innovative and participatory way, and we put together campaigns in squares and urban centers aimed at encouraging more conscious and responsible daily practices.

Walking stories

This is a project of MINU Asociacion Civil that has as its goal to help students in their last year of primary school to familiarize with essential concepts of road safety, so that they can see themselves as active users of the road and that they can become bearers of the message that raise awareness to the society.


In a more technical role, we offer companies the opportunity to learn and experience how we innovate in Road Safety Education. We develop training days for workers, in which we share out knowledge about relevant matters related to the particularities and requirements of each company. We also use our Mobile Virtual Reality Simulator for stands and other games to learn in a didactic and interesting way.


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